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12 mag 2022
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Dragon Ball Strongest Warrior (龙珠最强之战) is a role and action game that takes place in Akira Toriyama's masterpiece. This time, you get to live Son Goku's adventures, starting with his arrival on Earth as he narrates the beginning of manganime. You can also participate in a bunch of Dragon World events, including the Z saga.

We're talking about a real-time action game where you control your character using virtual controls to move around and perform special attacks. In addition, Dragon Ball Strongest War includes spectacular 3D visuals and you can move the camera around (and zoom inside the action). Basically, this game is a powerhouse that represents the Z warriors' adventures.

As you continue to play the game, you can also unlock new characters. You'll find Kakarot's first popular characters such as Chichi, Krillin or Yamcha or enemies that became friends such as Piccolo or Vegeta. The number of characters increases and you can use each of them for different missions.

Dragon Ball Strongest Warrior is a fantastic Dragon Ball game that has a Tencent license in China. It is unlikely that it'll reach the western side of the world, but the language barrier is not an obstacle to enjoy the best smartphone games based on the most popular Saiyan.
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