Exploded Battery Warning APK

Exploded Battery Warning


Manage the temperature of battery to prevent it from being exploded or damaged


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6 dic 2016

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App Exploded Battery Warning

Recently, the phenomenon of exploded smartphones is happened more usually , causing damage to property as well as the lives of users. The main cause of the explosion came from their batteries. With a desire to protect users against unfortunate losses that may occur, we have developed an application to manage temperature of battery and notify to user in emergency cases.

Main features:
- List information about the device's battery
- Monitoring the temperature of the battery in real time.
- Giving warning when the temperature is too hot or too cold.
- Warning system by the color of the background and clear sound.
- Guide the treatment in each particular emergency.
- Giving tips to prevent the battery from exploding.
- In particular, the interface of the app is very simple to use, user can create widget to monitor battery temperature conveniently

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