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Ultima versione

NomeEyowo X APK
Versione3.0.6 (306)
Aggiornata22 nov 2021
SviluppatoreSoftcom Limited
CategoriaApps, Finanza

App Eyowo X

Una banca per tutti i soldi

One bank for everything money
All the tools you need to improve your financial lifestyle - in one place. Take control of your money, your life and your growth!

Instant accounts for you and your business.
On Eyowo, your phone number is your account number. Just take out the first zero. Save yourself time by cutting out long hours in a banking hall.

Fast, simple and secure payments
With Eyowo, you can send money to friends, family, anyone! You can send money to bank accounts and if the receiver doesn’t have a bank account, you can send it to their phone number. Cool..right?

Receive money from anyone, anywhere
Spare yourself the awkwardness. Ask for your money politely by sending an Eyowo request or a payment link.

Secure your money with an Eyowo card
With Eyowo cards, we've removed all the information that fraudsters can use to steal your money. Your card information now lives in your app. This is the safest card in the world.

Achieve your dreams with Eyowo. Save for it.
The dream car? Save for it
Vacation with your friends? Save for it
Your next business? Save for it
Your first house? Save for it
Keep the money aside or save regularly and get interests no matter the size of your dreams.

You should control money. Not the other way around.
Run your money, don’t let your money run you. Hold yourself back from spending during specific periods of time, stay within your budget on food, clothes, drinks, and so much more.

Reports on your money anytime you need it
We’ll show you how you spent your money, where you spent your money and who you’re sending money to in simple plain english. You can trash your spreadsheets and notebooks now. You’re welcome.
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