गाय भैंस wala पशुमेला - Animall app APK

गाय भैंस wala पशुमेला - Animall app

Scarica गाय भैंस wala पशुमेला - Animall app APK per Android - Gratis - Ultima versione


Ultima versione

NomeAnimall APK
Versione1.9.7.4 (84)
Aggiornata16 ott 2021
Sviluppatoreपशु मेला - Animall
CategoriaApps, Affari

App गाय भैंस wala पशुमेला - Animall app

App gratuita per acquistare e vendere i tuoi animali come mucca, bufalo. No. 1 Pashu Mandi🐄

Animall app is completely free online animall mela. In this Pashu Mandi or Pashu Market we don't charge any commison.

If you are an animall seller to get animal buyers on our pashu mela , you need to enter your animall or pashu details on the animall app . You have to enter details such as breed of the cow/ buffalo , milk capacity etc.

If you are an animall buyer to get an animal on pashu mela, you can find what ever cow , buffalo you are looking for. We have more pashu than any pashu mandi in the world.

List of features:
1. Sell your pashu or animal, Every day thousands of animals are being sold on animall.
2. Buy a pashu or animal, this is the easiest way to buy a pashu.
3. Ask pashu doctor your cow , buffalo related questions . India's top animal doctors are on our online pashu mela app.
4. Ask and engage with other dairy farmers , How to increase milk of your cow and buffalo, what cattle feed should you give etc,

No need to travel to offline pashu mandi when you can buy and sell all types of animals or pashu including cow or gaay , buffalo or bhains , bachhiya gaay or heifer cow , jhotee bhains or heifer buffalo , bool or male cow, bhainsa or male buffalo and many others.
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