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Guide For Kill it with fire
We've all been there. Minding our own business, doing our own thing, when we see something move out the corner of our eye. When you look, you make eye contact with it. The ugly, the creepy, the crawly...
a Spider. While in real life we're stuck with just tossing a book at them, in Kill it With Fire, you're able to do so much more. Burn it, shoot it, blow it up. Do everything you can to find and murder every Spider you can find. As you move along your Spider-killing adventure, you'll pick up new weapons and upgrades to aid you in your exterminating-spree. Complete Arachno-Gauntlets in each level to really show the arachnid-community who's boss. 

There's an upgrade (Cargo Pants) that you pick up in Level 9 (Consequences) which gives you unlimited ammo to most of your weapons so if you find yourself struggling in the Gauntlets at all, you can wait to pick that up then go back and complete them. If you need to replay a level at all, any doors/locked receptacles you already unlocked previously will remain open so you can just run to the boombox and start the Gauntlets without having to replay the entire level. Once you've picked up all the collectibles, completed the Gauntlets and have finished the game, you will have unlocked:

With this app: guide for kill it with fire, you will learn how to play the game and be a pro player. all tips are for free and without any special access.
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