Indovina chi o cosa è più popolare su Facebook. Un nuovo gioco in stile superiore o inferiore!


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28 set 2019

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Higher or Lower Likes GAME

You have two options to choose from, do you know who or what has more likes on Facebook?

Is Einstein more popular than IKEA?
Is Google more popular than Pampers?

This is a fun trivia game to put your knowledge of celebrities, technology, brand names and companies to the ultimate test.

Mona Lisa VS Fidget Spinner: higher or lower?
President of the United States VS a brand of cookies: higher or lower?

Very funny quiz with surprising results. If you're hanging out with friends and you all are bored, pick up your phone and play this game. Read it out loud and let them make the choice. A quiz to enjoy together with friends!

The current "like data" is from July 2019 and might not represent the current likes of the presented Facebook pages (the data will be updated in the future).

This is an unofficial application that is in no way associated with Facebook. This is a third party application by independent developers.
We are also not associated with "The Higher Lower Game" in any way or form.
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