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7 apr 2020

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IQ Jackpot - Live Trivia Game GAME

Showcase your knowledge, compete and win real cash. Every hour!

IQ Jackpot is a live trivia game that combines the best features of live quiz show games and trivia games for real money!

Prove to the world that you are the smartest and win BIG!


1. No purchase is necessary to join the next live quiz show to compete for the cash prize. A new show starts every hour on the hour. Don't be late. If you are late, you can still play but you will not be sharing the jackpot. Quiz shows are about six minutes long.

2. During a live show, each game question is an image. The correct answer is one of three captions under the image.

3. Select answers within 10 seconds. A correct answer keeps you in the game. One strike, and you will not be sharing the jackpot -- unless you have an Extra Life.

4. To win, answer all questions correctly. If more than one person wins, then the prize is split evenly.

5. Cash-out directly to your PayPal account.

6. Wrong answer? No problem! Continue playing with an Extra Life. Get Extra Lives by purchasing them or by inviting new users.

7. Want to practice all possible questions and answers in advance, before you play? You can when you get the Cheat Code.

Enjoy the new quiz show trivia game and have fun! Play games for money for that extra excitement. Download IQ Jackpot for FREE!
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