Jawshan & Meaning (Muslim Pray) APK

Jawshan & Meaning (Muslim Pray)


Un'applicazione facile da usare con l'arabo e il significato sulla stessa riga.


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27 feb 2021
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App Jawshan & Meaning (Muslim Pray)

There are many Jawshan pray applications in application markets. However, the biggest reason we made this application was a feature not found in other applications.
While we are reading Jawshan in Arabic, we read it without knowing its meaning, and looking at its meaning and returning to Arabic is very complicated in some applications, in some applications it is in the form of changing the page. As such, we just read its arabic and turn it off.

You do not encounter such a situation in our application. Because you can see them all in one line. We hope you like it ..

As development and improvements will continue for the application, we remind you that your comments and feedback on errors are very important.

From Muslims to muslims, with dua and love.
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