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7 feb 2017
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Links of the website.

This app is specially useful if you have a Kodi ( mediacenter with Plexus ( plugin installed, where you need to introduce the sopcast and acestream ids to watch online sports stream channels (champions league, football, basketball, nba...).

You can also watch the matches on your phone or tablet by streaming them on the browser, AceStream app or Sopcast app of your device.

Be aware that I am not the developer of neither AceStream, Sopcast nor Plexus apps, so I have very limited control over them, which means that I can only open those apps but you will need to paste the code manually (it is copied automatically when you select an app).


It is a personal project that has been published and brought to you for free to enjoy it. There is not any profitable company behind it and I have been developing it on my free time.

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