L'applicazione offre un accesso semplice e veloce a MITV piattaforma multimediale.


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7 dic 2018
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The application offers simple and quick access to MITV media platform.

MITV platform has been architected to provide highly innovative, yet practical and cost effective solutions for this multimedia “tsunami”. It integrates unique interactive multimedia system architecture with advanced state of the art functional components into flexible and scalable platform.

It is combining the best of Web interaction, TV simplicity and social collaboration with video and voice services, multimedia production and distribution capabilities into a viewer friendly, production friendly and cost friendly solution.

MITV platform architecture consists of a number of building blocks interconnected with open protocols. It includes production tools and components from leading vendors integrated into complete workflows and metadata structure and supported by knowledgeable MediaInteractive team.

Main fields of application:
- Lecture capture (school and business environment)
- Medical recording (record or stream operation)
- eLibrary (in private user friendly environment offer different tips of content)
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