La soluzione mobile per monitorare le attività di mining sul MinerGate.


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17 apr 2019
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MinerGate Control APP

Our mobile app for Android is back on Google Play Store for you to be able to check your MinerGate profile and mining dashboard. Monitor your workers, check balances and receive push notifications about the mining process with your smartphone wherever you are.

Check your profile – you can find all necessary information about your MinerGate account state on one screen. Balance confirmation, number of good and bad shares, exact coin’s, and an overall account balance – all this data are collected on the main screen of the app;

Communicate with all 3,700,000 MinerGate users – using in-app chat you can instantly communicate with other MinerGate users, either they are using chat on the website, or in a mobile app. In-app chat is also separated on 5 language-based rooms, so you can conversate on your preferred language;

Affiliate program – now you can send an invitation to join the MinerGate directly from the mobile app. Invite your friends and start mining together with MinerGate mining pools (but stay alert, that there is NO mining function in this app, due to Google Play Developers Policy);

Profitability calculator and exchange rates – you need no other tools to compute your potential mining profitability. All services you need are already in the app – check out the mining profitability calculator and exchange rates on the respective tabs of the app.

Push notifications – away from your hardware? Don’t worry, you can always check the work of your mining equipment wherever you are. All you need is the MinerGate Control app and internet connection. And you will automatically receive push notifications on your smartphone screen as soon as your miner started or stopped working.

Contact support – faced some issue? Contact our support service directly from the mobile app.

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