Nex è l'ultimo mercato locale online per comprare e vendere beni e servizi.


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6 ott 2019

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Nex enables you to buy and sell any goods, services and assets in your local area. Users are able to post their offers and needs along with contact information in the Geo-Feed and choose tags related to their posts. All posts in the Geo-Feed show how far away the post was made which makes connecting with buyers and sellers convenient. Specific locations can also be selected. Nex also enables users to advertise their local events.

Individual & business users are able to create profiles with a quick registration or by logging in with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. This makes it super easy for users to join the network.

Nex is a utilitarian geo-social network of people and businesses in the regional community. It enables them to meet their daily life needs & strategic objectives by communicating & connecting amongst each other through the built-in profiles, geo-feed, data aggregation, events, locations, messaging & other innovative functionalities.

Users can post, view, rate & comment on Geo-Posts from the local area based on an adjustable radius and filterable #tags of their interest. This enables them to view and share content which is most relevant and most accessible to them physically. Proximity displacement is shown in each Geo-Post in the Geo-Feed. In each Geo-Post, multi-interest #tags can be added to posts depending on the content .Images and location can also be added to a post. Trending Geo-Posts can provide a platform for local community discussions.

Event organizers are able to create & advertise location specific events into which attendees can check-in and see all the other attendees before, during and after the event. This can also enable the organizers to keep track of who attended their event. The app also provides messaging and business card sharing functionalities. Users have the flexibility to control how much information they share about themselves in their profiles which are fully editable.

Users and businesses are able to post and see local deals, discounts, local events of interest, local jobs and available services. Restaurants can use the app to post and advertise their food and drinks deals to the local community in an easy and free manner.

Users can browse and connect with other users at all locations available in Google Maps. What’s better than making new connections at places you already go to! This facilitates face-to-face networking which is more impactful and long lasting.

Users can connect, communicate and engage through these additional functionalities:

1. Messaging / Chat / Location Sharing
2. Business Card Sharing
3. Creating a network of connections
4. Ability to share a Nex post across all other social networks for broad visibility of posts and the growth of the Nex Network

Joining this network is an excellent way to connect with your local community!
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