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14 apr 2022
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Numbrs - Bitcoin Account APP

Securely store your Bitcoins in Switzerland. The Numbrs Bitcoin Account is the new standard for highly secure self-custody.

With the Numbrs Bitcoin Account, your Bitcoins belong to you and you alone. The Numbrs Bitcoin Account provides you with full control over your Private Key, so your Bitcoins are truly yours and fully protected in Switzerland.

The most important benefits at a glance:

Own your Bitcoins
With the Numbrs Bitcoin Account, your Private Key and therefore your Bitcoins belong only to you and you alone. Not even Numbrs can access your Private Key.

Backup in Switzerland
A fully encrypted backup in Switzerland guarantees comprehensive protection of your Bitcoins. If you lose your password or seed phrase, you can recover your Bitcoins.

Investment research
Bitcoin creates a new monetary system. Our research analyses the consequences.

Swiss Company
As a Swiss company, we are legally obliged to adhere to the Swiss virtues of privacy, security and stability. Numbrs is controlled by Swiss shareholders, who secure their own Bitcoins on the Numbrs Bitcoin Account.

Send and receive Bitcoin
Send and receive Bitcoin with no settlement times of several business days, no additional fees for international payments, no minimum or maximum amounts.

Pay in Bitcoin
Numbrs enables you to pay at all points of sale accepting Bitcoin.

Customer service 24/7
Our experienced agents will assist you through various communication channels of your choice any time of the day.

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