L'applicazione del Paraulogic, per rendere ancora più facile il gioco.


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10 ago 2022
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Paraulògic GAME

This application is not associated in any way with Vilaweb or the Paraulògic, it is a project directed by the community, in order to offer certain functions that we find missing in the original website.

The letters and words are taken directly from the original web, so you'll have the same options if you play on the web as in the app.

The source code is published at: https://github.com/Paraulogic/Android

From the beginning the objectives of this app are:
* The application will not have advertising.
* The source code is and will be public.
* The use of trackers and any option to follow users should be avoided.
* The original design must be used, without modifications, to ensure that users enjoy the same experience with the web as with the app.

Although we do not use the use of trackers, tools for monitoring errors and crashes of the application were used to be able to improve it and fix bugs without the users having to do anything. However, it can be disabled from the settings.

You can sign in with Google Play Games, and your progress will sync between devices, plus if you delete the app, you'll keep your data when you reinstall it.
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