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PGCE100 家居安防

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Versione17.06.22.04 (42)
Aggiornata14 mar 2019
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App PGCE100 家居安防

il controllo a distanza di GSM, allarme a distanza, internet monitoraggio remoto, la sicurezza

1.Support GSM cellular.
2.Remote control your system.
3.Up to 99 wireless sensors and 8 wired zones.
4.Up to 6 phone numbers for alarm calls and 2 phone numbers for text messages.
Two-way voice allows you to lisen, talk or control your system.

This app is a security alarm system, which involves the right to text messages and calls;
The telephone function to be used is: dialing the number built into the alarm host device. After dialing, the dialing button can be used to send commands to control the alarm host.
Then the functions related to SMS permission are: sending SMS commands to the alarm host for remote control; for example, arming, disarming, and SOS functions in the APP require SMS permission to implement the function.
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