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Ultima versione

NomePokedex Z APK
Versione1.6.12 (1006012)
Aggiornata03 mar 2015
SviluppatoreEpic Game Arts LTD
CategoriaGiochi, Azione

Gioco Pokedex Z

Pokedex Z is a free Pokedex which contains all six generations.

Pokedex Z is a Pokedex which contains all six generations.

It is completely free to use.

We will be adding more features to this soon if this application becomes popular.

Pokedex (all six gens) is displayed in the familiar DS user interface.

This will be the only Pokedex (all gens free) you need!

• All Six Generations
• Egg Groups & Base Egg Steps
• Shinies (Shiny Sprites)
• Base Stats & Max Stats
• Gender Ratio
• Evolution
• Description
• Search Feature
• Clean Interface
• Locations
• Mega-Evolutions
• Move List
• Capture Rate
• Abilities (with detailed descriptions)
• Cries

If the program crashes, please send the screenshot of this crash to daman50[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk and the device that you are using so that we can fix this.

Suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

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