This app lets you manage your rooted android phone easier and faster than ever


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16 giu 2016

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ROM Customizer APP

This app lets you manage your rooted android phone easier and faster than ever.
Requires a rooted android phone!Functions:
* ROOT Browser/Explorer (Shortcut Included)
* ZIP Browser/Explorer
* Install/Uninstall System Applications (Shortcut Included)
* Install/Uninstall/Backup/Restore User Applications (Shortcut Included)
* Reboot into 4 different modes (Widget Included)
* Comprehensive device firmware and partition information
* Backup/Restore of System/Framework APK's images (Visual Style)
* Change CSC on Samsung Phones
* Internal/External SDCARD Support (external requires reboot or remount for initial detection)
* Configurable ROM Flash (requires support in the ROM ZIP, Config files are generated with "ROM Config Maker")Flashes/Installs:
* Wallpapers (jpg and png smaller than 2048x2048)
* BootSounds (wav/ogg depending on the device)
* CWM/TWRP Recovery ZIPs
* Bootanimations
* APK files (install as system or user app)
* Kernels (zImage/boot.img) << If device is supported **
* Modems (modem.bin/radio.img) << If device is supported **
* Recovery (recovery.img) << If device is supported **
* TAR files containing kernels, modems and/or recovery << If device supported ***** NEW ROM Customizer OTA ***
Multi Download, Multi Install, Push notifications, lots of coolness all over*If your ROM is not supported you will see the general sections for te device which might not contain any stuff at all. Get your ROM devs on board to provide you with content :)** If you are a rom/kernel developer and want your device supported, don't be shy to drop me an email :)
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