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Versione1.2 (2)
Aggiornata12 feb 2021
CategoriaGiochi, Carte

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Play Rummy Circle in offline mood

Rummy Circle is easy to understand, but very challenging game to play. One need to be careful while playing it, or may has to lose the game of rummy. The main objective of the rummy game is to create a pure sequence of cards (example: A23) of the same suit or set (example: KKK) same value cards. When a player gets required Runs and Sets using the cards in hand, a player can declare a game.

*** Features ***
-You can play Rummy Offline mood anywhere you want
- Beautiful UI
- Offline game
- No login required
- Play with smart AI

*** No Account Required ***
Just download Rummy Circle and start to play in offline mode

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