S20 Lockscreen - Galaxy S9 Lockscreen APK

S20 Lockscreen - Galaxy S9 Lockscreen


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Ultima versione

NomeS9 Lockscreen APK
Versione1.6.2 (9)
Aggiornata25 giu 2020
SviluppatoreKyeong Ah
CategoriaApps, Personalizzazione

App S20 Lockscreen - Galaxy S9 Lockscreen

# 1 Risparmia tempo: eventi, messaggi e app sicura direttamente sulla schermata di blocco del Galaxy S20

🍓 Galaxy S20 Lockscreen is a high customization lock screen with a number of ways to gain control of the information you see. Starting off, there are four main things you get to control, Notifications, Weather, Countdown Day, and News.

In the world of phones, we are always looking for new ways to get information faster. Many developers have started with the lock screen. Lock screens on smartphones and tablets are used to gain access via various methods. These can include the use of a password, a PIN code, or a gesture using the touchscreen of the device.

Due to the open-source nature of the Android platform, lock screen designs can differ from stock versions depending on the manufacturers and how they want to make their devices stand out. There are a few lock screens that even show you a few headlines or recent apps.

🍈 Lock Screen for Galaxy S20 contains high-quality lockscreen effects for your Android phone. It is a free lockscreen with many cool and nice features. S20 Lockscreen will also provide custom lock screen to your smartphone with all different theme

With Galaxy S20 Lock screens, which takes great HD quality images of Lockscreen to the user. Users also can have high-security experience on the application. The user's personality can be expressed through the unique pictures, interesting with a lot of different styles and the Lockscreen so smooth like the silk

S20 Lock screens also have a built-in battery saving element that will alert you of things running needlessly in the background consuming precious power. The application is excellent with live wallpapers. It is beautiful, safe and custom.

💎 Features

✯ Lock screens HD wallpapers of Galaxy S20
✯ Turn on/off lockscreen very easy and fast
✯ Nice interface, silky smooth effect, no resource wastage
✯ Allows you selected images from gallery and camera
✯ Set PIN to enhance screen lock security
✯ Many wallpapers for Galaxy S20
✯ Block HOME/MENU/BACK key, no one can access your phone without a correct password.
✯ Enable/Disable Password. Change pattern password
✯ Change colour and size of date/time on the lock screen
✯ Change format for date-time (12h or 24h)
✯ Support customized unlock sentence(default is "> Swipe up to unlock")
✯ Enable/Disable sound, vibration
✯ Set a time to show for lock screen
✯ Display real-time clock and date
✯ Set custom background, theme, wallpaper for your lock screen
✯ Custom background from the gallery.

🎨 Function

❂ Users can create their own images to set as the background of the phone, making it easy for people to recognize it as the user's phone when they see the wallpaper

❂ Different layouts can make your screen look great. You can choose the layout you like

❂ Launch frequently used applications on the lock screen.

❂ Users can set their passwords by number and then they can when the lock screen of your phone to unlock or also create their person

❂ Control your music playback at the live lock screen. Enjoy great music in stunning scenery.
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