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7 set 2022
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SMX: Supermoto Vs. Motocross GAME

SMX Supermoto Vs. Motocross is a racing game in were you can participate in events like Motocross, Supermoto, Freestyle, and Endurocross, Pick up your favorite bike and start riding the muddy track and the silky asphalt!

THE GAME IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT what does this means? stuff will break in the process, stuff will not work properly, the game will have rough edges, unfinished or prototyping, functions will be added or removed.

Screenshots taken using the "Photo Mode" are stored in your phone's gallery.
User-made content (aka mods) goes to folder: /android/data/com.evag.smx/files/mods

Track Editor levels are stored in this folder

I'm stuck at the screen "Initializing ads services": Your internet connection is weak, the Unity Ads server is down or you are blocking the unity ads servers, check your internet connection and try relaunching the game.
I downloaded content from the Mod Browser but it does not appear in the game or on the side menu: Press refresh to load all the downloaded content. Check if the mod is compatible by looking at the label on the side menu list with all the loaded mods, if a mod is not compatible it would have "incompatible" next to its title.
People can't see me when they connect to my multiplayer room:
After you created a room make sure to also join the game by going to "cogwheel", Multiplayer, Join game.
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