Super Hero Squad games puzzle is a photo puzzle game that requires for kids.


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23 mar 2017

Super Hero Squad Games GAME

Super Hero Squad games Jigsaw puzzle is a photo puzzle game that requires assemblage of interlocking photo pieces. Release stress, relax brain, indulge yourself and share photo puzzle fun with friends and family by playing Jigsaw.
1. 3 puzzle modes: easy, medium, hard
2. 25 - 100 jigsaw pieces
3. Landscape view
4. Great choice of jigsaw puzzles game.

How to play?
- Choose an image for enjoy to play.
- Click on a puzzle piece and move in to solve.

Every puzzle is cut differently, so no two are the same. You can choose from 25 to 100 pieces on tablets or on phones. Move loose pieces to the margins and zoom in and out to focus on one area. Assemble pieces into groups, then move and connect the groups. Jigsaw Puzzle saves your works in progress so you can return and work on them any time.
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