modi divertenti per imparare a scrivere alfabeti thailandesi da giocare.


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2 ago 2019

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Thai Alphabet Game F GAME

- Score system added. You'll get score points for every game you played.
- New look and feel
- Button labels added for more clarification
- Tracing sound changed
- You can now see the current music volume and adjust it right away from the home menu
- Cheering kids sound can now be turned off

To start learning Thai language, it's necessary to know Thai letters to see how they look, how to write, how to pronounce and meaning of each alphabet.

This app is intended for the beginners such as kids and foreigners who wants to learn Thai.
Within the app, you will learn and practice writing Thai scripts. There are 44 consonants and 10 numbers to practice. You will also be able to hear how to pronounce each letter.

In order to let you memorize all letters and meaning, there are 5 mini games to train you.

*** Enjoyable ways to learn Thai alphabets!

Learning Thai language is not boring anymore since you are going to learn by playing games with Thai alphabets and numbers while listening to cheerful sound and music to encourage your learning.

Features included in this app:

- [Alphabet List Quick Reference]: Don't know any Thai alphabets before? No problem..just read the alphabet list and you're good to go. There are 44 consonants and 10 numbers to learn.
- Learn how to write Thai alphabets by tracing your finger along the outline. Don't worry if you don't know where to start, it has a tracing hint. Once completed, you will hear how to pronounce along with a picture showing its meaning. It also has English words showing how pronounce.
- Pairing the alphabets with images with 5 mini games will help you quickly remember meaning of each alphabet.
- Learning by driving a car in this game (..of course) and show off your trophy

Download and enjoy playing now.
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