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22 ott 2018

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Uyghur keyboard APP

Upgrade your phone’s keyboard to Uyghur Keyboard for free & enjoy the best out of it

Uyghur Keyboard makes you Type messages, update on social networks or compose emails in your own native language on your Android phone.
This Uyghur language keyboard helps you type faster and more accurately on all your Android devices. Uyghur keyboard is easy to use app and is specially designed for the Uyghur speaking peoples who adore writing in their native language.

This Uyghur keyboard currently supporting every Uyghur character from the Unicode® used in Uyghur Writing which have never present in any keyboard on any mobile platform before.
Uyghur Keyboard is an easy type method of keyboard in Uyghur language and make it simple for all Uyghur user who want too type in there native language.

Awesome Features

Emoji Support - Enjoy your Uyghur typing with 100’s of emojis present in our app.this Uyghur keyboard app includes all the emojis you love to see while typing in Uyghur .

Best android keyboard Themes collection
Choose any of the attractive keyboard themes available inside the app and make your keyboard look beautiful. This Uyghur keyboard app has amazing themes collection for your android phone to change your keyboard's looks & feel.

Uyghur typing for all your Social Networks
You can write emails and update your status on all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and you can use Uyghur keyboard with all messenger apps to write messages in Uyghur language through this Uyghur typing app.

Language Shifting
Shift the keyboard From Uyghur to English and from English to Uyghur using this Uyghur Keyboard.

Contacts in Uyghur
Through this Uyghur keyboard now one can save there contacts using Uyghur Language on there phone.

Notes in Uyghur
Save your notes & Memos in your Native Uyghur Language

Searching Using Uyghur Language
With this Uyghur Input language search across all networks typing Uyghur & get the required results with efficiency.

Simple Attractive Design
This Cursive Uyghur keyboard has awesome look and feel with Simple Attractive User interface.

Vibrate on key press
Vibrate on key press option apply for vibrate when you keypad press and phone get in vibration.

Sound on key press
Sound on key press give you sound when you press on keypad on Uyghur keyboard.

Popup on key press
Popup on key press give to see what you write character at the time of press a keypad.

If you need some extra things in this Cursive Uyghur keyboard app, please let us know, we will try to implement all your suggested features in the next version.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you any questions or concerns regarding Uyghur keyboard.

Download and enjoy !
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