Yeti ti permette di controllare tutti i tuoi elettrodomestici come interruttori, spine, luci


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2 mar 2019
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Yeti - Smart Home Automation APP

Yeti is an app that lets you control, automate and monitor your smart home devices with a single app anytime, anywhere. Manage every aspect of your home from smart lights to thermostats and smart speakers with only your phone! 💡🏡

• Full control over a wide selection of smart home devices.
• Group your smart devices into “Rooms” to simplify the control over your home
• More than one hundred smart devices supported
• Intuitive UI design
• Control your home from various devices
• Manage your Smart Home even when you aren’t home
• Periodical updates to keep improving the app
• Real in-app support to solve any issue you have

You can subscribe to Yeti Premium to upgrade and unlock pro features that will give you the best smart home experience for your phone ⚡️⚡️

Premium Features:
• Create “Charms” to adjust your home to your current mood.
• Create a widget to quickly activate your favorite “charms”
• Dedicated in app and email support in less than 48h
• Set “Routines” to make your home respond to your everyday needs
• Control your home with your voice with Amazon Alexa
• Control more than one smart home

Supported devices:

At Yeti our goal is to give our users the best smart home experience, therefore we are always working hard to integrate more smart products into the Yeti family. We work with the best smart home brands as Philips Hue, Sonoff, Wemo, TP Link, Xiaomi, Yeelight, LIFX and many more! Here you can see the list of supported products. If there’s anyone that you can’t find, please let us know and we will take a look at it!

Amazon Alexa:
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot
Amazon Alexa Echo
Amazon Alexa Echo Plus
Amazon Alexa Echo Show

Belkin Wemo:
Belkin Wemo Smart Plug
Belkin Wemo Insight
Belkin Wemo Lights
Belkin Wemo Light Switch

Broadlink IR
Broadlink RM Pro

Ecobee 4
Ecobee 3
- Ecobee 3 lite

Honeywell T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Honeywell Water Leak Detector

Lifx white gen2
Lifx color gen2
Lifx color gen3

Nest Learning Thermostat gen3
Nest Learning Thermostat gen2

Netatmo welcome
Netatmo thermostat

Osram Lightify:
Osram Lightify Bulbs
Osram Lightify Lights
Osram Lightify Plugs

Philips Hue white lights
Philips Hue color lights
Philips Hue go
Philips Hue light stripes

Sonoff Tasmotaf:
Sonoff Tasmota Sockets
Sonoff Tasmota Wall Switches
Sonoff Tasmota Sensors
Sonoff Tasmota Switches

Sonos Play 1
Sonos Play 3
Sonos Play 5
Sonos PlayBar

TP Link:
TpLink HS100
TpLink HS110
TpLink Color Bulb
TpLink White Bulb
TpLink light Switch

Xiaomi Mi Home:
Xiaomi Presence Sensor
Xiaomi Switch
Xiaomi Plug
Xiaomi Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Xiaomi Door Sensor
Xiaomi Leak Detector
Xiaomi Gas Detector
Xiaomi Weather Sensors

Yeelight Color
Yeelight White
Yeelight Light Stripes

You can check the full list of supported devices at

Yeti Premium Subscription

You have two options to subscribe to Yeti Premium:

• Monthly: $4.99/month
• Yearly: $49.99/year

You'll enjoy Yeti for free during 7 trial days with no charge after your purchase of Yeti Premium. If you enjoy Yeti Premium, do nothing and your subscription will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain as Premium user. Yeti Premium subscription is a monthly or yearly subscription that begins once your trial ends.
If you don’t choose to purchase Yeti Premium you can simply continue using Yeti for free with limited functionalities.


Any trouble? You can visit us at or reach out to us by sending an email to, we always respond to every mail. 🙂
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