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NomeZumo APK
Versione3.5.1 (479)
Aggiornata30 gen 2021
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App Zumo | Crypto Wallet | Buy Bitcoin & Ether

"Soldi intelligenti per tutti!" - Invia, ricevi e scambia valuta digitale in sicurezza

Why be cryptic about crypto? Let’s lose the mystery.

At Zumo we are here to make everyone comfortable with buying, selling and spending cryptocurrency.

Like most people you may have thought about investing in cryptocurrencies. But like many you’ve found it all a bit too complicated, and more than a little mysterious.


Zumo makes cryptocurrency accessible via a safe and simple crypto wallet that allows you to buy, sell, store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, all within a secure and user-friendly smart wallet app.

With a range of innovative features that deliver the borderless benefits or cryptocurrency, it’s never been so easy to step into the future of smart money.

💹Cryptocurrency transactions are easy💹

Zumo offers a one-stop-shop for buying, selling, storing, sending and spending your cryptocurrency.The Zumo app enables you to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ether easily, quickly and securely, with an integrated exchange feature and a GBP wallet that links directly to your bank account.

🔐Safe & Secure crypto wallet and transactions ️🔐

Security is important to us, which is why your account is only activated after an ID check. Whether you’re interested in a Bitcoin Wallet, an Ethereum Wallet or a GBP Wallet our wallet allows you to buy, store and sell your cryptocurrency safely and securely.

💸 Low & Transparent Exchange Fees 💸

Zumo supports crypto transactions in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), & £ (GBP) and offers competitive rates and the lowest exchange fees. Convert from crypto to traditional currency with minimal cost.

📣 Price Alert Notifications 📣
Zumo allows you to set up price alerts that notify you when the price of Bitcoin or Ether reaches a certain level. Once your chosen cryptocurrency hits the price level that you have selected, you will be notified both on your device and in-app.

💰Non-Custodial Wallet: your crypto is only owned by you💰

Whilst many current digital wallets solutions retain access to your funds, Zumo does not. The Zumo wallet enables you to buy, sell, store, spend and send both cryptocurrencies and traditional money, all whilst keeping complete control of your money. Your funds stay yours, safe on the blockchain.

Never miss out on profitable opportunities again and track your crypto value over time with the Zumo Smartfolio.

🤝 Zumo Contact🤝
Add the people closest to you to your Zumo contact list and transact seamlessly at the touch of a button.

The Zumo Convertible debit card will enable you to convert cryptocurrencies to pound sterling and spend in everyday situations, anywhere that accepts VISA. Coming soon!

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the basics of cryptocurrencies in our FAQ section, join the Zumo Telegram community and ask us any questions!

Born in Scotland, Zumo was founded to make cryptocurrency simple and work seamlessly with traditional money. Simply put, with Zumo you can get comfy with crypto.

Download the app and register with a few simple details.

Transfer some money to the account, it only has to be a minimum of £1. Wait a few minutes for authorisation and you are ready to go. You can be buying currencies like
Bitcoin and Ether within minutes.

Learn more at www.zumo.money


Legal Disclaimer

Bitcoin and Ether are not regulated and do not benefit from protection such as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. They are volatile and your capital is at risk. The GBP wallet can only be accessed by UK residents.

Zumo is a trading name of Zumo Financial Services Limited
Scottish Company Registration Number SC583644.
ICO Registration Number ZA557459.
Zumo is a registered trademark of Zumo Financial Services Limited,
EU ™ Registration Number 17996331.
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