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Get meal planner ideas with Italian cuisine recipes like pizza, pasta, spaghetti

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The Italian recipes app offers you many healthy and tasty recipes. These include carbonara, salad, pasta, tortellini, Fritto Misto, rigatoni, cheese ravioli, mushrooms risotto, lasagne, garlic bread, spaghetti, and soup recipes.

Italian food recipes are Mediterranean cuisine. It has a great variety of different ingredients that are commonly used, ranging from fruits, vegetables, sauces, meats, fish, potatoes, rice, corn, sausages, pork, and cheese. Some of the famous Italian cuisines are pizza, spaghetti, pasta, cannoli, Basilicata.

Festive recipes
Our team has come up with ultimate Italian cuisine recipes varieties to celebrate Chinese New year, memorial day, labor day, veterans day & American super bowl. Celebrate this valentine's day by exploring romantic Italian recipes at home.

Popular Italian recipes
Recipes like braised short ribs, prosciutto, spritz Veneziano, Asian barbecue burgers, carpaccio, pizza Margherita, broccoli & stilton soup, and tomato sauce with onion, olive oil, basil, potato, capers & butter.

Simple Italian cuisine recipe instructions
Every healthy Italian recipe has easy step by step instructions with a photo. Get many tasty recipes for free in our Italian recipes app. Unlike other recipes app, Italian recipes can be used offline. Free recipes app is the best suit for your kitchen to make manicotti Italian casserole Neapolitan cuisine, Italian cuisine desserts, assorted appetizers.

Collect favorite Italian recipes
Add your favorite Italian cuisine recipes to the app's favorites section. You can use the saved Healthy Italian recipes offline. You can also create Italian recipe collections based on non-vegetarian, vegetarian, weekend lunch party ideas.

Italian Cuisine Recipe search
Find recipes by simple search with the recipe name or ingredients. You can search for Healthy Italian recipes like lemon chicken thighs, ground turkey stuffed pepper, baking pie cookie, vodka sauce squash recipes. We also have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, easter, summer spring winter holiday recipes.

Convert ingredients to a recipe
Our food recipes app lets you cook with the ingredients you have. Cook by ingredients features lets you search and discover Italian recipes you can cook with ingredients in your kitchen refrigerator.

Tastes, allergies, and diets
We often have Italian cuisine recipes for people following paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie high protein, Atkins low-fat plant-based, gluten-free, low carbs keto diets for weight loss. Get tasty Italian recipes like chicken pasta, tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta, crostata for heart-healthy 16:8 Mediterranean fasting. If you're suffering from any food allergies, we have lactose-free, seafood-free, wheat-free, egg-free(eggless), and dairy-free. Nutritional information like calories, fat, carbs, cholesterol is available on the Italian recipes app.

Create Meal plans
Meal planning is going to be easy and light with Italian recipes. Start eating healthy Italian recipes with meal planner ideas and grocery shopping list. Get free meal planner ideas with pasta, spaghetti, eggs scrambled/half-boiled, fruit chocolate desserts, olive pasta recipes, and starter food like focaccia bread, coffee latte, torte, biscotti, bread butter jam.

Tasty Italian recipes:
Cook tasty Italian cuisine recipes at home using chile flakes, onions, mozzarella cheese & red pepper flakes. Recipes for classic Healthy Italian dishes like bruschetta, air fryer pork sausage rice, slow cooker chicken taco soup, fish soup, veal Milanese and Cacciucco are available in the app. Our favorite Italian recipes include Caprese salad, Tuscan skirt steak, broccoli soup, and cioppino.

Our Italian cuisine recipe app gives you lots of free cooking recipes for cookie, risotto, antipasto. Now that you've our Healthy Italian recipes app, you no longer need to carry around bulky recipe books.

Start cooking tasty Italian recipes app today.

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