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Version1.2.9 (1493983696)
UpdatedMay 05, 2017 (3 years ago)
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DeveloperKeystone Business Development Corporation


iWordSmart learn to spell words one word at a time. A great word game / spell game / spelling game. The iWordSmart family of products is unlike anything else in the marketplace. It contains alloriginal artwork, an intuitive and unique user interface, and a progression of apps that continually challenges students as they mature and advance. To the benefit of parents, modern technologyallows iWordSmart to put a powerful learning tool in the hands of children for a very modest investment.
This iWordSmart product contains more than 160 words, each supported with its own image and audio track. The mixed iWordSmart apps have more than 250 words. The application accommodates up to sixPlayers. Each Player can personalize the application with his or her own name and option settings. The app also simultaneously maintains the progress record of each Player until it is reset by thatindividual user.

The first time a new user launches the application, the Player will only have the choice of selecting a New Game. After the initial launch of a New Game, it is advised that Players utilize theExisting Game option on the Main Menu when returning to the game until all the words have been mastered. Starting a new game clears the list of mastered words from the Progress Report for thatPlayer.

Upon pressing the New Game button or the Existing Game button, Players are presented with the Game View. Users will be challenged to spell each word after they are presented with an on-screen imageand an audio track in which the narrator states the word, followed by a character-by-character spelling (for example, The word is ANT; A-N-T). Each audio track can be repeated as many times as theuser finds necessary by pressing the Repeat Audio Track button.

By turning the device ninety degrees left or right, Players will find the Progress Report. The Progress Report lists of all of the mastered words in a table format and the time it took to completeeach one. On the bottom of the page, Players can examine the total time elapsed and the average time spent spelling each word. Upon completion of the game, the Progress Report is replaced with aCertificate of Completion. In the Progress Report, Players can move a toggle switch to examine the list of words (with corresponding images) that have not been mastered yet.

A word is designated as mastered by the iWordSmart application when the Player spells the presented word correctly within the allotted number of character inputs, foregoes the use of the Hint button,and completes the word within 60 seconds. Players are allowed an unlimited number of attempts to spell each word correctly until it is mastered.

On the first Game Options Page, users can change the alphabetical presentation of words to random shuffle, turn off the sound, and activate the “anti-surfing” setting. On the second Game OptionsPage, users can change the wall paper of the Game View screen.

During the development and testing of this product line, parents and teachers who used this app were impressed by its elegant yet simple design. Children quickly grasped the user interface andimmediately started learning how to spell new words and make word/image associations.

The objective of iWordSmart applications is to educate children with an entertaining game environment while placing them on a fast track to correctly spell words by recognizing their associatedspoken name and image. This application can also be utilized by adults who are learning English as a second language.

This app is much more than a word spelling game and is unique because it gives children the opportunity to learn multifaceted word associations. For example, children will learn to: associate imageswith spoken names; associate images with written names; and finally, associate the spoken names with the written names.

Thank you for your interest in this iWordSmart product.

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-General Maintenance
-Fixed bug in Landscape startup
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