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名前Antistalker APK
バージョン0.158 (158)
開発元Malloc Ltd
カテゴリーアプリ, ツール

Antistalker アプリ


Get Antistalker to protect your privacy. Antistalker runs silently in the background of your device and notifies you when and which apps send data to the internet or when they secretly use the camera or microphone of your device. Antistalker is the only app that allows you to block apps from sending data to the internet when you don't use them! Take control over your data and protect yourself from stalkers, stalkerware, and spyware that leak data from your device. Do not let advertising companies to secretly listen to you.

✔ Provides instant notifications when camera and microphone are used.
✔ Gives the duration of the usage of microphone and camera.
✔ Detects and names which apps are responsible for the incident.
✔ Checks the permissions of installed apps.
✔ Whitelisting, add trusted apps to the exception list.
✔ SWIPE left on any detection to add the detected app to the whitelist, or to report it.
✔ Flexible notifications: You can customize the notifications you receive.
✔ User-friendly design.

PRO features:
✔ Data Monitoring: Monitors when and which apps send data to the internet.
✔ Blocks apps from sending data to the internet when you don't use them.
✔ Mutes Microphone: don't let anyone record you without you knowing. *It automatically un-mutes the microphone when you are in a call!*
✔ Root Checker: check if your phone is rooted or vulnerable to misconfigured security policies. A rooted device is highly insecure and prone to data leakage.
✔ Antitheft Alarm: when enabled, an alarm is activated when someone moves your phone or removes it from the phone charger.

Malloc Guarantee
Antistalker does not collect any personal data. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!

*Make sure to update your app frequently to benefit from improvements and new features*

Developed by Malloc - Regain your Privacy!
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