Battle Guards: Void Warriors APK

Battle Guards: Void Warriors


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名前Battle Guards APK
バージョン0.0.01 (1)
開発元Tiki Taka Games
カテゴリーゲーム, アクション

Battle Guards: Void Warriors ゲーム

Steal your friend resources in this Action RPG!

Finally, an action RPG game for gamers! Battle Guard was designed to maximize your experience as a gamer while you are traveling. Easy controllers with maximum content depth for you to explore.

Smash monsters, conquer stages, Your new property will generate coins, even when you are not playing!

PvP - Steal the resources from friends, and revenge the ones that attacked you!
Build an empire, become the lord in the sky and upgrade your hero with advance guns and new abilities.

Upgrade your guns and armor with top-nosh RPG systems!

Our team is working day and knight to make this game a huge hit, expect new features and updates and stay tuned!