Combat Magic: Spells & Swords APK

Combat Magic: Spells & Swords


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名前Combat Magic APK
バージョン0.123.64b (123)
開発元Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games
カテゴリーゲーム, アクション

Combat Magic: Spells & Swords ゲーム


Wise magicians, mighty warriors and clever rogues of the kingdom! Take part in a grand tournament! Prove your wisdom and courage, and fight for the title of Champion!

This is a 3d third person shooter - slasher game with RPG elements and diverse and complex combat system. With a wide range of customization options you can create the perfect character for your playstyle. Choose from variety of classes, each with 10+ unique abilities. There are hundreds of weapons and armor pieces available. Plenty of melee and ranged weapons are waiting for you in the armory, such as axes, swords, bows, and a lot more. Customize the look of your character - choose colors, hairstyles and more.

Play online or offline with bots on different maps. You can choose from several PVE and PVP game modes.

Prove that you are the best!