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バージョンCupidix 64 v1.33.0 (1033000)
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We describe Cupidix as the Designer Lover.

Cupidix is designed to help you communicate better about love — and it is also designed to look beautiful and be fun and easy to use.

Cupidix is not a dating app for finding new partners  — instead, it helps to improve your existing relationships. The world is already full of dating apps, all with plain-vanilla chat functions. But such unstructured chats provide no guidance in understanding and resolving the many complex issues which, almost inevitably, arise between us humans.

It is an old cliché that the secret to better romantic relationships is “communication”. Yet, “just talking” about your “issues” can too easily blow up in your faces. So how exactly should we communicate about things which are painful, sad, stressful -- or just plain darn annoying! -- with one’s partner ?

Cupidix provides a step-by-step method, in a chat form, for solving this problem. This method defuses negative emotions — and brings objectivity and rationality to the often demanding — but always rewarding — job of loving!

Features of Cupidix include:

— A guided method for lovingly resolving ‘issues’
— A private thinking space, Kerberos
— Daily reminder to send a positive Love Dove
— Multi-partner setup