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名前Dolby Music Player APK
バージョン1.2 (5)
開発元App Free Enjoy
カテゴリーアプリ, 音楽&オーディオ

Dolby Music Player アプリ


The best songs online with Dolby Music Player

The best music player with Dolby Music Player, to enjoy the best songs totally free.

Listen to the best music with Dolby Music Player live and in the world with this application. The best live songs with Dolby Music Player to share at all times.

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Main features of the application
- The application is silent when it receives a call.
- Easy to share on social networks
- We continually check the streaming of the music so that it never falls out and all this is functional.
- Diversity of music genres
- The best online radio stations in the East with Dolby Music Player wherever you are.
- Contains a free bonus game
- More than 50 music channels with Dolby Music Player totally free.