Free ‎Dispo - Live in the Moment Tips APK

Free ‎Dispo - Live in the Moment Tips


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名前Free Dispo Tips APK
バージョン1.0 (10)
開発元One Second Diary
カテゴリーアプリ, 写真

Free ‎Dispo - Live in the Moment Tips アプリ

Dispo the invite-only picture sharing app by David Dobri

Dispo makes you a photographer with a purpose. That is where the construction of the community is: everyone seeks the same thing through their own lens."

We have completely updated and renovated what it’s like to use Dispo! You now have a username and profile that allows you to create a shared camera roll of photos between you and your friends!

Open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop at 9AM the next day. You will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. We’re bringing high quality film right to your phone. Invite your friends and try it out!