glowy 3Dグラフィックス·分割画面マルチプレイヤーで最も先進的なエアホッケーゲーム



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Futu Hoki ゲーム

Futu Hoki adds the perfect new elements to air hockey: more players, glowing graphics and guns.

You will have to protect your edge from balls spawned by glowy lazer guns from all 4 corners and score goals to your enemies. Like in Multi ponks or Hungry animals from africa there are four players on arena and insane number of rolling balls. Play in defence or attack your enemies, upgrade your paddle to have ultimate protection or fire energy impulses, be invisible or magnet the balls, cooperate and play in teams or stand against everyone. Try to keep up with progressive AI players or play with your friends in the multiplayer mode.

Fast gameplay with incredible neon style 3D graphics makes Futu Hoki the most advanced Air Hockey game available for Android smartphones and tablets. Lot of bonuses and obstacles makes gameplay even more unpredictable and challenging.

Start to explore 40 levels and 6 unique game modes:
- Classic Air Hockey battle one on one
- Free for all with 4 players on their own
- Teams deathmatch to fight 2 on 2
- One against all
- Breakout mode to destroy cubes
- Time attack to survive waves of endless balls attacking the edge

Use speacial powerups and pong paddle features to beat advanced enemies and obstacles.