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Get APK - Share APK アプリ

Do you have a situation when your friend bought a new Android phone and you wish to share all the cool apps with him.
Don't you think there should be a simpler way?
Sharing apps with your friends is possible easily now with our app
It show your applications with a list, you can get a installation package directly from your memory and share Installed Apps file directly as attachment via Bluetooth, Email, Drop-box, Google Drive etc.

Installed applications can be backup in the storage card. The storage location is / sdcard / AppBackup And also you can overwrite backup of old application3-on-the-tree to updated version.
No rooting required.

When you discover a best apps, You will want to share it with your friends at once,Then, Get Apk will solve this problems. Just find the apps and share it by Click.

Now share your apps, the simpler and cooler way!


* Get Apk allows you to export installed applications to apk and store to : /SDcard/ApkExtracted (.apk files)
* Very easy to use: ONLY BY 1 CLICK
* NO ROOT access required.
* Extracts all most all application,includes system applications.
* Apk files will saved in: SDCARD/APKExtracted

* Add search feature to easily search application to extract
* Optimized data,making list applications scrolling very smooth

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If you have any questions. Please send email to : mrkien222@gmail.com . We will reply soon.
Thank you
Global Inc team.