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バージョン3.0 (3)
開発元Next generation Corp.
カテゴリーゲーム, 頭脳系

Heman ゲーム

This game is about Heman, the super hero of ancient CNN, who saves the humanity.

This game is Heman vs Skeletor, the super hero and the super Villain respectively, of ancient CNN. You are the Heman.
This game comprises of 4 levels:- Junior, Medium, Senior, Champ level.
1st level game is for learning purpose. 2nd one is intermediate level game.
Whereas, 3rd level game is a little bit tricky. The Champ level game is for
the person who has cleared all the past levels of this game. Time duration for
all the levels will be same, 200 seconds.

#. In 1st level game you can play for 500 coins and for 1 star or 2 stars.
#. In 2nd level game you can play for 1000 coins and for 1 star to 4 stars.
#. In 3rd level game you can play for 2000 coins and for 1 star to 6 stars.
#. In 4th level game you can play for 2500 coins and for 1 star to 7 stars.

You will win the game on completing the coins count within 200 seconds. But the star ratings will be given as per of your performance( tick marks ), which is given in the final performa of the game. 1st level game has the less criteria for the star ratings. But as we move up the game levels,
we will get the higher criterias to acheive the number of stars. On winning the game one will get the full result along
with the current cinema's super hero according to your performance or star ratings. If you lose the game, you will get the laughing skeletor along
with the performa and the reason(s) of losing the game.

In this game Heman has the magical sword.
While playing this game many animals will be projected towards you, by the skeletor, to kill the humanity.
You as the Heman has to kill these animals, either by swiping magical sword or by flinging. You must stop them entering in the shade.
Some animals are not dangerous at all for you. Some are dangerous, only if you are armed with the magical sword. While all carnivorous animals
are too much dangerous for you in all cases. Animal who doesn't hit you will not decrease your coins count and energy level while passing over you.
Animal who hits you without blood, will decrease your coins count with smaller extent and energy by 10, while passing.
But the animal who hits you with blood will decrease your coins count with higher extent and your energy by 20. All animals will decrease the coins
count on entering the shade according to their danger level. Moreover, if you kill animal by swiping the magical sword, you will get the hike in your coins count according to the danger level of this animal and hike in your energy level by 10 regardless the animal type. On other hand, your energy
level will be decreased by 20 on each fling. But you will get the more coins count for each fling, than the sword killing. You can fling if your
energy level is greater than or equal to 20. Your energy level will not exceed beyond 100 and will not reduce below 0 on swiping or flinging respectively. But when animal hits you, the energy level will be below 0 and you will be knocked out by the skeletor, and the game overs right here.

When you kill the carnivorous animals back to back by flinging, you will get the bonus points, 50, 100, on.
Some times you will be losing the game because your bad luck. Last 20 seconds are free style seconds.

So, to save humanity, you must play this game wisely by reading the above text carefully. This is the hint for the game. You must conclude by this hint, when to swipe and when to fling. You will manage all the stars by this hint. Moreover, hover eagle fling button is given in 1st and 2nd levels of the game to learn fling. I hope you will defeat the mighty skeletor by getting 7 stars in champ level game.

This game is very important for you and your kids. This game will certainly improve and develop your reasoning, spacial, aptitude, professional, intellectual, convolution, intuitive, strategic, technical, precision, time management, calculating, calibrating, multi tasking, leading and logical skills with the large extent.