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名前HSC Trade APK
バージョン2.7.0 (37)
開発元Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation
カテゴリーアプリ, ファイナンス

更新日 - 新機能

+ Support more pre-defined Watchlist profile (ETF Diamond and ETF Finlead)

HSC Trade アプリ


HSC Trade is a mobile online trading application for Vietnam stock market sponsored by HSC. The application aims at enhancing investor's portfolio or trading performance while bringing best user experience.

With comprehensiveness, speed and ease, it provides seamless access to all Vietnam securities markets with great features as follows:

+ HSC state-of-the-art streaming technology provides accurate stock market trading information in a fastest and extremely comprehensive way so you can’t miss any market movement.
+ HSC Touch Sense design understands your every tap and create your orders in an instant. This helps sending orders never been quicker and easier with just a few taps.
+ And all other features such as watch list, account management, cash transfer... are also bundled with intuitive design.
+ Endless updates and enhancements keep your lead on any new product and feature.