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Infinite Flight Checklist


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バージョン1.6 (6)
カテゴリーアプリ, スポーツ

Infinite Flight Checklist アプリ

Introducing InfinteCheck, Integrated Audio check-list For Infinite Flight

Do you want to make Infinite flight more realistic? Introducing InifnteCheck, integrated audio check-list that ads additional realism for flight simulator Infinite Flight.

InifinteCheck is designed for Infinite Flight. when downloaded InfiniteCheck, InfiniteCheck will overlay infinite flight and allow u to perform a detailed sound check-list, and yes sound, a sound will play at each category of infinite flight check-list to make sure u are ready to fly Infinite Flight.

InfninteCheck is divided into 8 categories
-Prestart Checklist
- After start-Taxi
- Before Take-off
- After Take-off
- Approach, Final
- After Landing
- Parking
- Shut-down

Well, what are you waiting for? Download InfniteCheck now and make your flying experience more enjoyable and realistic! :)