ITsMagic Engine - Create games APK

ITsMagic Engine - Create games


Android 向けの ITsMagic Engine - Create games APK をダウンロードします - 無料 - 最終のバージョン



名前ITsMagic APK
バージョン0.1276 (276)
カテゴリーアプリ, ツール

更新日 - 新機能

GamePad support implemented
Buffers implemented and optimized
Performance boosts
APK icon "something wen't wrong" fixed.
APK Updated to match this version.
Bug fixes.

Collider now loads up async.
Async vertex unloading.
Java Auto complete.
PerlinNoise implemented.
Static objects bug fixed.
Scripting module updates and performance boosts.
SoundPlayer news:
Alpha camera skybox rendering (nice to shooting games)
New texture format supported (.TGA).

ITsMagic Engine - Create games アプリ


Build, play and share professional games created by yourself with your friends.

Now you can build games exactly the same way you do on computers

Create professional games with GRAPHICS and advanced PHYSICS right from your mobile for FREE

Creating ONLINE MULTIPLAYER games has never been easier, create online multiplayer games using ITsMagic and stop worrying about servers

ItsMagic Engine allows you to export your game to APK or AAB format and send it anywhere, in addition to publishing it on the playstore.

Building objects and animating them in 3D makes it possible for you to play coolest and most professional games to share with friends and play them.

Furthermore, you can develop any feature or functionality you want using JAVA one of the largest and most powerful programming languages ​​in the WORLD

-Graphics and advanced physics
-Online multiplayer hosted by ITsMagic
-Animations on any model
-Imports external models (.obj, .dae)
-Export APK and AAB

Extra features:
-Land Editor
-High performance object renderer (HPOP)
-Java, MagicScript and Drag & drop.
-Real-time shadows
-Reproduces sounds in the 3D environment
-Advanced shaders
- Unlimited Worlds/Models/Objects/Textures/Projects
-Imports .obj
-Community package store

Download now and start developing your games!

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