Kratos War: Ghost of Sparta APK

Kratos War: Ghost of Sparta


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名前God of Sparta APK
バージョン2.0 (2)
開発元Linaco Best Studio
カテゴリーゲーム, アクション

Kratos War: Ghost of Sparta ゲーム


Game features fluid, life-like characters, a robust weapon system, new magical powers, weapons and navigational abilities, many more enemies on screen, and a greater number of boss encounters, truly bringing the experience to life, all while on the go.

Kratos might possibly be the angriest game character ever created. We all know he accidently killed his wife and child in service to the gods, but his belligerent attitude has often made me wonder what else might have happened to him to make him so filled with rage.

Kratos sitting upon his newly claimed throne looking appropriately grumpy. After all, becoming a god didn't remove the disturbing memories of his past, but now he's being plagued by a vision we've never seen before an old woman lying sick on a slab of stone.

Convinced he can actually change this vision, Kratos sets off for Atlantis on a quest that eventually takes him back to his home of Sparta and into the realm of Thanatos, god of death.

Detailed environments featuring constant rain and cascading water and lava create beautiful backdrops and really bring the world to life. Kratos looks wonderful as well. In fact, his character model was rebuilt from the ground up to add more detail for this game, such as the fact that he can be bathed in blood during battle

As far as the gameplay is concerned, there's nothing super unique here, but that's not a bad thing. You'll still spend your time slaying countless enemies, traversing dangerous domains, and solving light puzzles. Combat has been perfected throughout the series, so there's not a lot to improve upon, and too much change would have been jarring. That said, there is a brand new weapon and two new magical attacks that add something new to the experience.