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バージョン1.2.7 (127)
開発元Efra Espada
カテゴリーアプリ, 通信

Land-a アプリ


Land-a is a messaging app combined with location features.

How does it work ?
Create chats or private groups with your friends and family. At any moment, you will be able to message them, see their location, see if they still have battery and program notifications when they reach the places you have defined (home, work, meeting point...).

With Land-a, say goodbye to situations like:
- "Write me when you're home"
- "I had no battery left, I couldn´t warn you"
- "Where are you ? Already at work ?"
- "I forgot my keys. Are you home ?"
- You will even be able to locate your lost or stolen phone!

Do not worry, we already thought about everything : you will be able to hide your location and silence groups or alerts when you need so. Nevertheless, we recommand you to add only trustful people like your friends and family.

With Land-a, do not worry about your personal data, no one will be able to locate you unless you added him/her as a contact and every messages are erased from our servers once read.