Lift Break - Elevator Fall Simulator APK

Lift Break - Elevator Fall Simulator


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名前Lift Break APK
バージョン0.1 (1)
カテゴリーゲーム, ミニゲーム

Lift Break - Elevator Fall Simulator ゲーム


If you are a fan of falling games such as lift break simulator or elevator fall, the Lift Break- Elevator Fall Simulator game is going to delight you big time.

We have brought you one of the most addictive hyper-casual elevator fall games where you will have to get off the lift safely and reach the finish line to be the game-winner. There are several obstacles to face while the ride is going down, and you will have to bring it down without bumping with any of the obstacles. If the lift touches a block, it is a game over. Don’t let the lift crush and safely rescue everyone.

The gameplay:
Install the fantastic elevator fall simulator game from the play store for free and get started without wasting a single moment. Hold your finger on the screen for brake and release to fall. Keep in mind; the obstacles are all over the way. Don't touch the blocks, help your elevator to reach the bottom of the skyscraper, rescue the people and finish all the levels. This crazy fall-down challenge requires your full focus and quick reaction in crucial situations. This fall block is your right choice if you like playing elevator games, falling games, or lift games.

Key features of Lift Break- Elevator Fall Simulator:

🔥This easy yet unexpected challenging elevator simulator or the lift game will keep you going for hours without making you bored.
🔥This game is one of the fun games you can play alone, with your friends and kids.
🔥The user-friendly interface, one-tap control, and countless levels will keep you excited as long as you play the elevator fall game.
🔥Avoid touching the obstacles that come in front of the lift, rescue the people and train your brain in the process.
🔥Finish levels and gradually unlock different skins.
🔥Collect awesome rewards after you reach specific goals.
🔥If you are looking for elevator games free, try this lift simulator. We don’t charge you a single penny for installing it. Moreover, play this lift break fall game offline anytime, anywhere.

Install Lift Break- Elevator Fall Simulator on your android device, do not fall, safely let the lift come down, rescue everyone and reach the end for the biggest reward.

Happy gaming!