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名前StudyGuide APK, MyPedia ILP APK
バージョン1.31.60C08ADE (1824)
開発元Pearson Education, Inc.
カテゴリーアプリ, 教育

MyPedia Integrated Learning アプリ


To the learners enrolled in the MyPedia Program, the app provides access to learning videos that are mapped to chapters taught in the class thus enabling learning after the school's hours. Practice assessments helps track the individual performance and offers individualized remedial plans as well.

This app is part of the complete integrated classroom solution, which includes Printed Textbooks Lesson plans, Worksheets, In classroom content solution for teachers along with assessment. MyPedia enables easy analysis of individual students and facilitates grade-wise, subject-wise and concept-wise tracking of each student helps in early detection of gaps in learning areas. It helps go beyond memorizing and facilitates true learning in a fun way that suits individual learning styles and helps learners at all levels while providing the convenience of learning anytime and anywhere. It helps parents get more involved in class. They are able to track their child’s progress and give them the support required.

The teachers are armed with a Digital Content & complete Assessment/activity kit so they can conduct activities smoothly, measure the learning outcomes accurately.