MyTV Net for Smart Tivi/Smart Box APK

MyTV Net for Smart Tivi/Smart Box


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名前MyTV Net For TV APK
バージョン2.7.8_291 (291)
カテゴリーアプリ, エンタメ

MyTV Net for Smart Tivi/Smart Box アプリ

MyTVネット - ライブテレビとEntertaiments

MyTV Net is an online television and entertainment application researched and developed by team of VNPT Media’s engineers.

With only one account, you can enjoy high-quality TV channels, TV on demand and various entertainment services such as movies, TV shows, music videos and so on. MyTV Net can run on multiple smart devices (with any network Internet connection): Smart Box/Smart TV(At least Android 4.2).

Live TV: Providing over 100 featured domestic and international channels with high quality. It includes all sorts of movie, sports, news, music, discovery...

TVOD: MyTV Net also consist of TV on demand with 24 available hours and rewinding/time-shift feartures with 2 available hours.

Movies: You are able to access movie library with wide-range of categories such as Action, Drama, Comedy, Romantic, Horror, Science fiction... that allows you to fastforward-rewind, pause, movie catch-up point storage and resume.

Other service: Free and various services as music videos, comedy clips and TV shows are always updated due to the meets and expectation of the customers.
If there is any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at : SUPPORT@MYTVNET.VN
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* Hotline: 19001866