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Paintman Go GAME

Paintman Go is a team-based multiplayer that challenges you to score more points than your opponent. To do that, all you have to do is paint the entire set. This game is really similar to Splatoon 2, the incredibly fun Nintendo game.

Controls in Paintman Go are the traditional ones for 3D action games: on the left side of the screen you'll find the virtual stick that'll help you move around and on the right side you'll find the shooting button. The most interesting aspect about Paintman Go is that you'll be shooting paint in order to bring the set to life, although you can also use it to get rid of your enemies.

But, a paint gun is not all that is available to you, you'll also have other tools that can help you get your victory: a paint roller to paint the setting even faster, a paint sniper rifle to get rid of your enemies from far away...In this game, teamwork is essential, so make sure your team includes different types of specialists.

Paintman Go is a super entertaining and competitive game that doesn't try to hide its origins. It's clearly a well-designed clone of the popular Splatoon 2 and includes a ton of rewards that are just waiting for you. It also includes several game modes so you won't get bored with the traditional 4vs4 that it displays.