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Physics Class 12th Notes Q & A アプリ


Class 12 Physics NCERT Notes app is developed as per requirements of our CBSE students to help effectively and in real time with better understanding.

App contains solutions of all chapters in NCERT Physics for class XII. It contains some sample questions papers and chapter wise question answers also. This app has a very simple user interface.

The Class 12 Physics NCERT solutions help students understand concepts in a structured, easy-to-digest manner and develop better theoretical and analytical skills which are needed in various exams. Answers are provided in a step-by-step manner related to various chapters of Physics class 12th. This app has a very simple user interface. Whenever you require any information about Physics you are just a click away


Chapterwise question & answers.
Sample question papers.
All important notes.
This app is in easy English Language.
Simple app. Works offline. No internet connection needed.
Professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Clear Font for better readability.

This app contains notes and Q & A of all the chapters included in the CBSE Class 12 NCERT Physics Book :

• Chapter 1: Electric Charges And Fields. ...
• Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance.
• Chapter 3: Current Electricity.
• Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism.
• Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter.
• Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction.
• Chapter 7: Alternating Current. ...
• Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves.
• Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical
• Chapter 10: Wave Optics
• Chapter 11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
• Chapter 12: Atoms
• Chapter 13: Nuclei
• Chapter 14: Electronic Devices

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