Reliveアプリ:ランニング,サイクリング,ハイキングなど APK



Android 向けの Relive APKアプリ:ランニング,サイクリング,ハイキングなど をダウンロードします - 無料 - 最終のバージョン



名前Relive APK
バージョン3.85.0 (1932)
開発元Relive B.V.
カテゴリーアプリ, 健康&フィットネス

Reliveアプリ:ランニング,サイクリング,ハイキングなど アプリ


If you like to go out for a run, ride, hike or any adventure outside, you’ll love Relive. And it’s free!

Millions of runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers, snowboarders and other adventurers are using Relive to share their activities with 3D video stories.

Show what it was like out there, create amazing stories and share your passion with friends!

Just go out, track your activity, take some photos and enjoy the moment. Finished? Time to create your video! Your outdoor activities have never looked so cool.

Reliveは携帯や他のトラッカーアプリ ( Suunto, Garmin Connect, Endomondoなど) と接続可能です。

3 D ビデオ ストーリーを無料で作成しよう
• Turn your activity into a video story
• See your route in a 3D landscape
• Include photos from you and your friends
• See your highlights (like max. speed)
• Share your videos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

• Track your ride, run, walk, hike or any activity really
• アクティビティの統計と位置情報をリアルタイムで表示
• Take photos during your activity

• Turn new activities from other apps into Relive video stories
接続可能なトラッカー: Suunto, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, Polar, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, MapMyHike and MapMyWalk
• More trackers will be added soon!

Relive Club (プレミアム)
• Import: old activities, turn them into video stories
• Video quality, your videos in HD.
• Edit your videos as many times you want
• Control video speed, watch at your own pace.
• Music: add music to your videos
• Get priority, Club members get their videos faster.
• Interactive route: explore every detail in 3D
• More photos: add up to 50 photos to your video