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Taking control of Android as a superuser allows us to run the operating system as an administrator, being able to control aspects of the latter that aren't available on the majority of devices. And Root Master is one of those apps that allow us to get those permissions or root our Android.

Download, install, and root

This app works just like other alternatives to root Android that are currently on the market. In other words, we'll only have to download the APK, install it and press the button to run the rooting process. It works on almost all old smartphones and tablets as it can run on Android 1.5 Cupcake up to Android 5.0.

There are several advantages of being a superuser, such as the possibility to uninstall the annoying bloatware that usually floods many smartphones or to improve the control of our device's energy consumption in order to increase its battery life. By the way, it comes along with a really useful un-root button just in case we regret what we've done and want to go back to our previous status.