Android 向けの SafeBoda APK: Okada, Delivery, Airtime をダウンロードします - 無料 - 最終のバージョン



名前SafeBoda APK
バージョン4.0.0 (40000001)
開発元SafeBoda Holding
カテゴリーアプリ, 地図&ナビ

SafeBoda: Okada, Delivery, Airtime アプリ


SafeBoda is a free okada app that provides tested, trusted and safe transportation for everyone.

The App allows you to:

Order a ride: By simply inputting your destination and location into the app, you can order for a ride from wherever you are to wherever you’re going.

Pair with a Rider: You can hail a rider on the road and pair instantly thus eliminating wait time.

Make multiple Stops: If you need to make multiple stops on one ride, simply communicate that to your rider who will add the stop on his app while you get all you need.

Deliver parcels: With the “Deliver Package” option, you can send a package across town at the best delivery rates.

Buy Airtime: You can buy airtime directly to your phone by simply inputting your phone number. It’s easy and takes less than 15 seconds.

Top up your wallet: Don’t want to pay cash? You can top up your wallet in 7 easy steps and go cashless!

The SafeBoda app is super easy to navigate. To get started, here’s what you have to do:
Download the app from your app store and register using your phone number.
Enter OTP to complete the registration process.
Type in your destination (where you would like to go) and pick up location (where you are)
Wait for the price estimate to be given
Click to “ORDER” or “PAIR” with a Rider
The app matches you with a SafeBoda you can track in real time
When the SafeBoda gets to you, confirm that the number on his helmet and reflective jacket match the one on your app
Collect the hairnet and helmet the SafeBoda hands to you, put them on and enjoy your ride!

Customer Support
Within the app, you can reach out to our helplines via calls or email and receive prompt answers to your queries.

You can also reach us on: