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Sister Location PE - Scary Funtime GAME

You are welcomed by the developer One Craft History!

Enjoy the blocky world of Sister Location PE - Scary Funtime.

Sister Location PE - Scary Funtime - this is the continuation of the most popular series of horror, which are known because of their interesting plot of the game and the best characters in the games of this genre. If in the first parts we played as a guard, then you have to take on the role of a technician, who at night works in a pizzeria, eliminating various malfunctions. Of course, he's not alone, and the monsters are waiting to scare the poor fellow and you to death. So be careful, on your way there will be a lot of obstacles from the mysterious boxes to the night labyrinth.

- Exciting and easy game
- Immerse yourself in a night pizzerian where there is a real danger
- Unusual Pixel Robots
- Many different blocks and objects

Both girls and boys will be happy to play this game. Hold out for seven nights, avoiding collisions with pixel robots, monsters, and enemies. Feel yourself the winner, surviving this nightmare with the help of Sister Location PE - Scary Funtime!